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Historical overview

Comic centre of Macedonia with position in Veles is formed in 2002 as an ancestor of STRIP ART LOVERS’ CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANISATION   “COMIC” formed in 1995.


Background and aims

                The organization's mission is popularization and development of the comic and comic culture through publishing, library activities, educative activities and exhibitions.

The Comic Centre of Macedonia is found with a purpose to use of comic in many segments of public life.

The Comic Centre of Macedonia aims to make the comic more popular inside and outside our borders. Therefore it is supporting the authors in organizing their work as well as promoting the latest achievements from the world and home comic culture in front of the public and the comic fans in Macedonia.

Past activities,

  1. 1.Published 16 numbers of magazine “STRIP ART” including a particular special number. In this catalogue the comic by authors from ex -YU countries as well as authors from France were presented.
  2. 2.Publishednumbers of magazine "COMIC CREATOR”
  3. 3.-published comic book ” MISS STONE”Macedonian and English    
  4. 4.-published comic book “Outlaws fountain”  
  5. 5.–published comic book “KOCHO RACIN -LIFE, POETRY AND DEATH
  6. 6.Organized 13 international showrooms for comic with guests from many countries. On these showrooms except the exposition part, debate s about the development and the role of this comic at the Balkan region was organized.
  7. 7.. - comic workshops - multiethnic:
  • MULTI -KULTI- financed by FOSSIM-SOROS          
  • Project “Through comic to communication and friendship” supported by program IERSE (Interethnic program). This project was financed by: SOROS together with KING BOUDAIN, ALLAVIDA, and CHARLES STEWART MOTT).
  •  “ROMA RIGHTS THROUGH COMIC” .Similar project financed by Royal Netherlands embassy
  • CULTURE- ROMA’S-COMIC- financed by Roma cultural program from SOROS –Budapest
  • COMIC-STRIP  ON MISSION FOR ROMA INCLUSION’ financed by Roma cultural program from SOROS –Budapest
  • Project “Comic-strip  and inclusion IN, Xenophobia and discrimination OUT” financed by Youth Response to Xenophobia and Racism in Europe program  (SOROS Budapest)

     4) Educational activity 

a) First permanent comic school in R. Macedonia- financed by Ministry of culture of R. Macedonia and own recourse and b) Comic workshops - multiethnic:

Remark for all above mentioned projects – catalogues with created works were published and exhibitions in places where young authors lived were organized. (See above)

International activities

  • Project "BALKAN'S COMIC BRIDGE" financed by EUROCULT-Amsterdam
  • “NEW COMIC NEIGHBORHOOD”- financed by EUROCULT-Amsterdam, Netherlands

Other art activities a) Creation of first comic murals in R. Macedonia -financed by Local Municipality Veles and b) New comic mural -financed by Ministry of culture of R. Macedonia


Vane Trajkov

Born in 1958.
Role in this project: project bearer, responsible for all segments of the project
Working experience:
He has excellent knowledge of the computer programs: WORD, EXSEL and INTERNET. He speaks Macedonian and good knowledge of English, partially Turkish and Romany. He has a practical experience from a huge number of seminars in the sphere of NGO sector and civil society (preparation and leading with a project cycle, seminar for Trainers). He is taking interest in comic-strip from the earliest days of childhood. In the NGO sector is from1995 - first as a founder and president of the Society of citizen worshipers of the comic-art - STRIP ART (COMIC-ART).
Vane Trajkov is author of 3 novels for youth (“Boyfriend for Svetlana”, “Cowboy from Veles” and the horror book “At Midnight”), several scenarios for comics and film. One of the founders of the Club of writers “Kocho Racin” in Veles. Since 2001 he’s initiator and manager of Comic centre of Macedonia.
He is a bearer for all activities of Comic centre of Macedonia.
.Chief Editor of the magazines “COMIC-ART” and “COMIC CREATOR”, editor of the comic novels “Miss Stone” “Outlaw’s Fountain” and “KOCHO RACIN -LIFE, POETRY AND DEATH” .Through the Comic Centre he has organized many exhibitions, trainings and publishing activities.
He has private library room with vast comic literature from the native country as well as foreign with total amount of more than 12.000 comic book titles. He is an instructor for theory and practice of comic making. He was included as a bearer of all past activities/projects realised by Comic center of Macedonia

Tome Trajkov 

Hi is an assistant, especially responsible for contact with participants, logistic works (accommodation and travel) and media, too.
Working experience:
Has a great experience in areas of interethnic and interstate cooperation, cultural management, and creative realization of the people. He has a practical experience from a huge number of seminars the sphere of NGO sector and civil society (preparation and leading with a project cycle, seminar for Trainer). Excellent knowledge of the computer programs WORD, EXSEL and INTERNET. He speaks Macedonian and has good knowledge of English and Russian, partially Turkish and Romany. For these engagements Tome Trajkov is a winner of the prize of city Veles “9th November” for 1999 year. Since 2006 he’s a bearer (or assistant_ of all the projects of Comic Centre of Macedonia.
Other engagements:
Also he had professional and permanent engaged the NGO sector with all activities and projects in Association of Roma Citizens “Romany bah” since the year 2000. He was a president of a local community “Bogdan Karakostev”, member of executive board in information centre of municipality Veles; he is in a work group structure for making strategic economic development of Veles and production of photo-monograph “Veles through the centuries”.
From 2004 Tome Trajkov is founder and executive manager of Humanitarian A association of Roma People from Macedonia “JEKIPE” - local branch in Veles where acts as a bearer of all projects. Organizer of series of rock concerts, manager of the band called “STRUJNO KOLO”. Manager of a break dance group called “START” (1985-1987) as well as a ballet group called “ANNABELLA” from 1995 till now. Leader of the project named ‘Meet Veles, Visit It More”,”Black Rock Saint Place”,”Prcorek, Forgotten Soul (little church St. George)” financed by the program “DEVELOPING TOWNS AND CULTURE 2004” (World Bank and Ministry for Culture). Participant of three forums for bringing of “NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR YOUTH OF R.MACEDONIA” working groups for education; local political and youth participating.